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M A Gauthier

Demonstrate a high degree of creativity with novel innovation and commitment to design excellence delivery.


Expertise nourished by an International professional background, and an innate curiosity.


Think outside of the box to craft creative design solutions drawing on consumer emotion.


Possess multidisciplinary design experience and achievement. spanning multiple industries.


Provide keen experience with strategic design methodology, information synthesis, and leadership.


Possess management and communication acumen for developing synergy with teams.


Foster a mentoring attitude and a design culture with a holistic approach.


Hold several Patents (Utility Patents, Design Patents, and Provisional /USPTO, and WIPO).


“All projects, regardless of scope size, have equal creative opportunities.  We must embrace their capacity with the same passion and determination, daring new design boundaries.

The design process starts with “the two beginnings”: client idea, and end user, deciphering each force.”



I will be delighted to discuss opportunity with you, please e-mail me or call me:

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Michel’s career has spanned a number of countries and design disciplines. He opened his studio dedicated to research and development promoting innovative design.  Projects include works on new products design, visual design, furniture design, patent development, commercial, and residential projects.

Atelier Gauthier has developed multiple “absolute novelties” in design, for clients and owns, as well, a portfolio of Utility and Design Patents in the bicycle, medical device, and furniture fields.


He holds diplomas from The Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Architecture and registered Architect from the Ordre des Architectes  under National number 028702; a Master degree in Architecture from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.  Awarded  as a Associate Member of  AIA with Excellence and Merit Awards , and as a firm member employee several Awards by the AIA and IIDA. He is a member of the  Industrial Designer Society of America (IDSA).  He owns  Utility and Design Patents (USPTO and WIPO).




Equestrian instructor, he is trained at The French National Riding Institute  (IFCE) of the Cadre Noir in Saumur. He practices Kyudo, the Japanese martial art of traditional Zen archery.

Exhibit as an artist painter, selected by the French Minister of the Culture among five painters to represent France for the Bicentennial of the French Revolution and one-man show for the Bicentennial of The Louvre Museum in US.


French: Native or bilingual proficiency; English: Native or bilingual proficiency; German: Professional working proficiency; Italian: Elementary proficiency; Spanish: Elementary proficiency.





The work of Michel André Gauthier

By Gregory K Hunt, FAIA, former Dean of the School of Architecture and Planning; the Catholic University of America; Founding Dean Marywood University School of Architecture.


Educated in both France and the United States, Michel Gauthier is a product designer and an architect whose practice has produced design work of conceptual sophistication, studied composition and adroit craftsmanship.  With commissions that have included designs for residences in France, Switzerland and United States, furniture, and a number of commercial and institutional interiors, he has continually sought to conceive and execute high quality work and architectural consistency. His designs possess a thoroughness of detailing that reinforces strong formal concepts of striking clarity and experiential richness.


It is indeed clear that there is a creative reciprocity that relates Michel Gauthier’s paintings to his architecture - a reciprocity which simply reinforces his strong desire to create design of material integrity, spatial nuance and impeccable detailing. His work as both an architect and an artist share a professional motivation which stresses design authenticity over fashionable appearance and style.


The clarity and richness of Michel Gauthier’s architecture undoubtedly relate to his significant achievements as an artist. Exhibited widely in the United States and in Europe, his contemporary paintings explore nuances of colors and painterly form and reflect a precision of execution that echoes the most essential characteristics of his architectural work, the beauty of well selected materials, assured compositional skills and refinement of proportions. In many ways, adroit proportional relationships, elegance of form and luminosity of color are readily observed in both his paintings and his architectural designs. His unique multidisciplinary approach embodies syntax of design revealing an unforeseen dialogue between detail, structure and meaning.


When undertaking projects as diverse as interior display components for The Louvre Museum in Paris or the Kennedy Center, embassies in Washington, D.C., or product design, Michel Gauthier’s creative sensibilities have produced works that clearly reveal his consistent respect for conceptual significance and architectural quality.


Greg K. Hunt

Made by Michel André Gauthier