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visual design director
Atelier Illustrations is the studio of Visual Design Creativity as Design Director and Advisor, Michel André Gauthier.
I am a designer in several fields, especially with extensive experience in graphic design with lead designer and design director position. Clearly demonstrate a high degree of creativity and commitment to design excellence delivery. Provide highly creative visual design for identity development and branding. Proven self-management and communication skills in developing synergy with teams. The design process starts by defining the ideas coming from the client, bringing forth new thoughts and conceptions by the design team, and at the end, providing a solution. There are no small or big projects, all have equal creative opportunity. They have to be addressed with the same passion and determination, fostering new boundaries. Contact us! I live and work in the Washington, DC Metro Area! I will be delighted to discuss your project with you, please e-mail me or call me:
e michel.gauthier@atelierillustrations.com
 d 703-299-0012 c 540-514-1158
Michel André Gauthier holds diplomas from The Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Architecture and a Master degree in Architecture from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Michel André Gauthier is an equestrian instructor and practices Kyudo, the Japanese martial art of traditional Zen archery. Exhibit as an artist painter, selected by the French Minister of the Culture to represent France for the Bicentennial of the French Revolution and the Bicentennial of The Louvre Museum in US.
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